Couponing ...

Within the past few years it seems that the price for food has consistently gone up. When this first started to happen, I like many others just felt that I needed to start buying less. I certainly have a few pounds to lose so that couldn't hurt at all right? This did not last long since my boys have grown closer to the preteen ages, and have decided to try to eat me out of house and home.

My mother had a suggestion for this...It was to start buying the healthiest food and maybe they would not eat as much. So I went to multi-grain waffles instead of buttermilk waffles; apples and oranges instead of fruit snacks; yogurt instead of chocolate pudding; skim milk instead of 2% milk but they still ate everything in sight. Although I did get them to eat healthier, I still could not cut down on the bill.

So as I started watching the Extreme Coupon show, day-dreaming of a final bill even half of what they end up with. Every month I have shown some progress. I feel the coupon website will help me reach my goals. Normally what I would do is look at all the sales papers and clip coupons for all of the products that I use on a regular basis.

I do take advantage of price matching deals that many stores make available. Instead of running from store to store to buy the cheapest items, I just make a list of all of the items I want and the lowest price. For instance, when I am shopping at Walmart, I may not necessarily have the actual ad proving that a particular item is cheaper elsewhere. Sometimes, if you simply tell them, they may honor it. Don’t worry about stuffing all of those extra sales papers in your purse. It’s usually not necessary.

In addition to that, I also give them the coupons that I have been clipping all week. At the end of the day I end up saving about $50 to $75, which definitely helps.

How do I see the Facts Coupon website helping with this? I see it as a time-saver and even more savings! Not only are there local and national retailers advertising there, but there are dozens of Manufacturer's Coupons on the site as well. Instead of waiting for the sales papers to come, I can just log on to the site and get many of my favorite product coupons there. The great thing about manufacturer's coupons is that they do not limit you to just one particular store. You can use them anywhere, so take advantage of them!

Also, pay attention to the expiration dates. Some coupons do not even have one. If that’s the case, and you use the product frequently, make sure you get the coupon back from the cashier. And even if there is an expiration date, there are retailers who will honor the coupon even if it is past the expiration date. It is worth asking. I have found that most of the time they will honor it. Coupons are useful in our shopping adventures. Everyone likes to save money and coupons just make it easier. Coupons are great for the consumer and great for the advertiser because it gets their name out. Everybody wins.

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