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Staying organized to manage your finances makes life easier. Nobody likes to pay bills, balance accounts or file receipts, but the key to making this a more bearable task.

Online banking has saved my life. I set up automatic payments on bills and accounts so that I am sure they are paid on-time, and I stay clear of late fees, and avoid missing any deadlines. Plus, who has time to wait for “SNAIL MAIL” to deliver a check? Added benefit is saving the cost of postage.

Software such as Quicken can help you create an awesome budget and allows you to create financial reports on your financial position. This is an amazing way to get a real look at your spending habits.

Dedicated space to organize, store and pay bills is very helpful. Clean off that clutter on your desk and get it organized. Make sure to have file folders, labels, something to file in, postage and envelopes (just in case). I prefer something that that locks, like a file drawer, so that I can keep my account numbers protected. Make sure this area is dedicated to your family’s finances. This is NOT an ideal space for the kids to color or do homework.

Set-up a coupon envelope. I love to save anywhere I can. If you keep your savings coupons organized, it’s easy to just reach into that file and enjoy money off groceries, goods and services. Bookmark coupon websites that you find relevant to the needs of your family and get saving!

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