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Crazy to Use Coupons?

You don’t have to be the CRAZY Coupon person to use coupons effectively. We have all been online and seen links to coupon sites. They direct you to a site that is not only hard to navigate, but makes it difficult to find a coupon that is actually relevant to your specific area or lifestyle.

Couponing ...

Within the past few years it seems that the price for food has consistently gone up. When this first started to happen, I like many others just felt that I needed to start buying less. I certainly have a few pounds to lose so that couldn't hurt at all right? This did not last long since my boys have grown closer to the preteen ages, and have decided to try to eat me out of house and home.

Cute Kids Cost Money

Before I had kids, I heard from friends that having children and meeting their needs could cost a fortune. I understood that feeding and housing them and getting great medical care for a family is expensive, but I was not clear on exactly what was draining every parent’s wallet. Then I had twins and two years later, another son. Raising three boys has made me ultra aware of spending.

Upcycling? Isn’t it another fancy word for RECYCLE?

Upcycling has become the term used in many trendy boutiques, shops and DIY artisans. But what is the difference between upcycling and recycling? We hear it on television, see it online, and read about it in magazines, but what does the term UPCYLCE really mean and how is it different than just recycling materials?

Weekend Family Fun without Busting the Bank

After a busy week of work and school schedules, the weekends are a time to reconnect as a family and find some fun.  The thought of being stuck at an indoor arcade that serves up nauseating, sub-par pizza and junk food makes my skin crawl.  Besides, with winter around the corner, I like to find as much outside fun as I can.  

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