Crazy to Use Coupons?

You don’t have to be the CRAZY Coupon person to use coupons effectively We’ve all been online and seen links to coupon sites, that direct you to a site that is not only hard to navigate, but make it hard to find a coupon that is actually relevant to your specific area or lifestyle. So many of these sites contain twenty pop-up ads that bog down our computer to the point of frustration and wind up causing me to simply close the site and forget about finding or using a coupon.

Ways that I have effectively used coupons are:

- Search out sites that are reputable and sign-up to receive up-to-date info for more savings. If you never know that your favorite restaurant is offering a coupon, how will you be able to use it? These are the sites that are easy to navigate, find the coupon and print it out. I shy away from sites that bring me to a million pop-up ads and force me to another website that is not relevant to what I was searching for.  Example: I find a coupon for a ½ off meal and when I click on it, it brings up a page for an internet dating site and then I'm bombarded with info I DON’T WANT!

- Keep an organized file of either clipped coupons or ones printed off your computer. Purge your file of outdated or expired offers. I like to keep my file organized by category so that it is easy to find what I need. Keep restaurant coupons in one envelope and ones for products in another, etc..

- Share the wealth! If you find a great website with great offers, spread the word to your friends. Maybe even give them coupons that may impact their bottom line. Example: $5.00 Box of 40 Diapers does not meet my needs anymore, but my friend with newborn twins would definitely find this useful.

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